Acoustic neuroma acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor arising from the eighth (hearing and balance) cranial nerve. This nerve travels from the brainstem to the inner ear. The nerve transmits sound and balance information from the inner ear to the brain. The facial nerve travels with the hearing and balance nerve. This nerve allows for movement of the muscles of the face. what does viagra for daily use cost Acoustic neuromas are typically slow growing tumors. They usually arise in the inner ear canal and expand towards the brainstem. While these tumors do not directly invade the brain, they may push on the brainstem. If left untreated, continued tumor growth can be life threatening. When diagnosed, these tumors may be described as small (less than 1. 5cm), medium (1. 5 to 2. 5cm) and large (more than 2. 5cm). Acoustic neuromas are relatively rare. They are diagnosed in about one person in 100,000. side effects viagra blurred vision These tumors are usually identified between the ages of 30 and 60. While acoustic neuromas are not typically hereditary, there is an inherited condition of neurofibromatosis which may lead to acoustic neuroma formation. Symptoms acoustic neuromas will present most often with hearing loss in one ear. This is the presenting symptom in 90% of patients. cost viagra vs viagra The hearing loss is usually slowly progressive, although occasionally the loss may be sudden. Ringing in one ear, also called tinnitus, often a symptom of hearing loss, may be an early sign of an acoustic neuroma. cheap generic viagra Since this is a tumor arising from the hearing and balance nerve, dizziness or imbalance may be seen. side effects viagra blurred vision Larger tumors may press on related structures, such as the trigeminal nerve. This would result in facial numbness or tingling. Larger tumors may also result in increasing intracranial pressure causing headaches and mental confusion. side effects viagra blurred vision When this occurs, treatment becomes urgent. Diagnosis initial testing to diagnose an acoustic neuroma is usually a hearing exam or audiogram. viagra online with price If hearing loss is seen in one ear, further testing is required. Usually magnetic resonance imaging (mri) is performed. This imaging study will show the eighth cranial nerve and will clearly define an acoustic neuroma if it is present. Some patients are not able to undergo an mri. In these situations computerized tomography (ct) with contrast may be performed. While not as sensitive in diagnosing tumors, ct may reveal larger tumors. Treatment there are three options available in managing acoustic neuromas. generic brands of viagra online This includes observation, radiation and micrsurgical removal. The choice of management option is made between the patient and physician after careful consideration of multiple factors including the patient's age, physical condition and tumor size. Observation acoustic neuromas are slow growing tumors. Because of this, careful.