The Authority Vol. 1: Relentless Warren Ellis  
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Are we ready for yet another take on superhero morality?Let's hope so, because The Authority: Relentless retools old ideas for a new century. Warren Ellis has his heroes think globally as they kick butt locally, stopping or slowing down to consider how they can use their powers to "make the world a better place."How he can pull this off in our oh-so-ironic age is an artistic mystery, but the results are clear: superheroes with believable personalities and community spirit. Two story arcs, each encompassing terror and evil on a global scale, pit the group of seven against armies of superhumans dispatched in scenes reminiscent of the best action movies. Many of the characters from the older Stormwatch series reappear here, and fans will be pleased to learn that Ellis has, if anything, improved his depth and storytelling prowess.Bryan Hitch's penciling, Paul Neary's inking, and Laura Depuy's coloring are all equally responsible for the gloriously lovely artwork—from interdimensional spaceships to dismembered spinal cords, they make saving the world beautiful. —Rob Lightner

The Autograph Man Zadie Smith  
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This is the eagerly-awaited follow-up to the bestselling and prize-winning "White Teeth", which established Zadie Smith as an outstanding new writer. Alex-Li Tandem sells autographs. A small blip in a huge worldwide network of desire, it is his business to hunt for names on paper, collect them, sell them, occasionally fake them, and all to give the people what they want: a little piece of Fame. "The Autograph Man" is a deeply funny, existential tour around the hollow things of modernity - celebrity, cinema, and the ugly triumph of symbol over experience. Pushing against the tide of his generation, Alex-Li is on his way to finding enlightenment, otherwise known as some part of himself that cannot be signed, celebrated or sold.

Baa Baa, Black Sheep and The Gardener Rudyard Kipling  
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The first of these two short stories is based on Kipling's childhood, and the second on a woman's anguish over the death of her nephew in World War I.

The Bachman Books : Four Early Novels by Richard Bachman Richard Bachman  
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The name on the covers was Bachman. But the imagination could only belong to one man. A compelling collection of four spellbinding stories of future shock and suspense - "Rage", "The Long Walk", "Roadwork" and "The Running Man" - in which Stephen King also explains 'Why I was Richard Bachman'.

Bad Or, the Dumbing of America Paul Fussell  
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With characteristic wit, Fussell zeroes in on the decline of good taste in America. Bad is a hilarious look at how Americans can be persuaded that almost anything that's bad is good. With hints on how to recognize just what's BAD these days, Fussell provides an amusing and illuminating look at the current state of taste in America.

Bagombo Snuff Box: Uncollected Short Fiction Kurt Vonnegut  
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Vintage Vonnegut—two dozen stories never collected before.

Before the Golden Age of magazines drew to a close half a century ago—soon to be beaten at the entertainment game by the new little boxes with moving images that were finding their way into the homes of more and more Americans—a young PR man at General Electric sold his first short story to one of the doomed publications. By the time he'd sold his third, he decided to quit GE and join the likes of Hemingway and Fitzgerald and Faulkner, and try to make a living at fifteen hundred dollars a pop. With four major magazines running five stories each week and smaller ones scouting as well, it was a seller's market, and Kurt Vonnegut was delighted—and comfortable—being published regularly by The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, Argosy, and others.

For this unusual collection, Vonnegut has selected twenty-four of his favorite stories never published before in book form and has written a new preface for the occasion. Vonnegut scholar Peter Reed, who unearthed the old publications, contributes an introduction.

Now readers can relive the genesis of a master. Stories such as "Any Reasonable Offer," "The Powder Blue Dragon," "Hal Irwin's Magic Lamp," and "Lovers Anonymous" bring us to the beginning of a literary voice that is sure to last forever. Bagombo Snuff Box, the missing pieces of the master's oeuvre, is a ready-made classic for Vonnegut fans new and old.

A Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies Dede Wilson  
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Dede Wilson has collected 75 delicious recipes from around the world in this festive collection of fun homemade treats. With recipes arranged chronologically by holiday and broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps, home bakers are sure to find a perfectly delectable treat to suit any occasion or mood. With everything from lollipops, taffy, and sugarplums to truffles, nougats, and fudge, there is something for everyone. This book also includes recipes for classic candies, new twists on old favorites, and even "adult" candies, like Chocolate Walnut Rum Balls.

A Baker's Field Guide to Cupcakes: Deliciously Decorated Crowd Pleasers for Parties and Holidays Dede Wilson  
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From kid-friendly recipes, such as Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes (Fourth of July) and Hairy Spider Cupcakes (Halloween), to more sophisticated adult recipes, such as Champagne Cupcakes (New Year’s Eve) and Irish Coffee Cupcakes (St. Patrick’s Day), A Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakes has the perfect recipe for every occasion. Each of the 60 easy-to-make recipes is accompanied by a beautiful photograph and organized by holiday in calendar order, including recipes for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, office parties, picnics, and more. And with 15 master recipes for batters and frostings on which the recipes are built, each batch of perfectly delectable cupcakes can be personalized according to taste.

A Baker's Field Guide to Holiday Candy & Confections: Sweet Treats All Year Long Dede Wilson  
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Want to treat your family and friends to homemade Ribbon Candy or New Orleans-Style Pralines this Christmas? How 'bout Giant Chocolate Kisses for Valentine's Day, or your very own marshmallow Easter Peepers? Learn how to make delicious candy to celebrate the holidays all year long. Many of the recipes are easy enough to make with children, and all of them are of course delicious! The handy "baker's field guide" format—with a lay-flat binding for easy use—provides a picture of each recipe and helpful notes to make it turn out just right. Icons point you to the recipes that are quick to make, those that keep well, ones that are good to make with kids, and ones that you can even mail. It's so much fun — you'll be looking for any excuse to make them!

A Baker's Tour: Nick Malgieri's Favorite Baking Recipes from Around the World Nick Malgieri  
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Nick Malgieri has journeyed far and wide during his thirty-plus years working as a professional baker. His experiences abroad have always informed the flavors and techniques of his recipes. Now the award winning master baker transports the world's greatest kitchens and bakeries to your home with this inspired gathering of more than one hundred cookies, cakes, breads, sweet and savory pastries, pies, and tarts, from the baking traditions of thirty-nine countries.

Look no further for chewy naan from India, rich chocolate Millennium Torte from Vienna, and crisp cannoli from Sicily. With A Baker's Tour at your fingertips, you don't have to tour Monaco for Prince Albert's puff pastry cake, Poland for the lightest, most flavorful babka, or Argentina for perfectly seasoned beef empanadas — you don't even have to go to country-specific cookbooks.

The recipes here range from casual to sophisticated, and all have been adapted for American use, ensuring consistent, delicious results without sacrificing flavor. Supplemented by illuminating food facts and anecdotes, and illustrated with gorgeous full-color photographs, Nick Malgieri's A Baker's Tour is a satisfying and educational international collection of inviting, delicious recipes for home cooks and food lovers everywhere.

Baking in America: Traditional and Contemporary Favorites from the Past 200 Years Greg Patent  
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This groundbreaking collection encompasses both sweet and savory favorites: yeast breads and quick breads, layer cakes and loaf cakes, doughnuts and fruit desserts, pies and simple pastries. Taking as his starting point 1796, the year the first American cookbook was published, Greg Patent, an accomplished baker, has mined sources from across the country for exemplary baking recipes by and for home cooks. Perusing old cookbooks, journals, and handwritten diaries from libraries and private archives, he has skillfully recreated treasured recipes or used them as inspiration for his own thoroughly up-to-date creations.

Included are historical finds like the original Parker House Rolls; Lindy"s Cheesecake, from the world-famous New York restaurant; and a sensationally easy butterscotch cake that won a national baking contest in 1954. Here as well are hundreds of contemporary standouts, such as Malted Milk Chocolate Layer Cake, Blueberry–Lemon Curd Streusel Muffins, Peaches and Cream Cobbler, and Raised Potato Doughnuts.

Baking: Easy to Make Great Home Bakes Carole (editor) Clements  
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Used like New condition Baking book easy to make grea home bakes illustrated book with no marking or highlighting in this book. 100& guarantee buy with confidence.

Barbie's Adventures to Read Aloud Jean Bethell  
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Barbie's Adventures to Read Aloud [Paperback] Jean Bethell (Author)